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Nautilus Speaker Characterization (NSC) Corpus

Laura Fernández Gallardo in the position of a speaker in the acoustically-isolated Nautilus room
Diagram of device connections between room Nautilus and room Belafonte used for the speech recordings

Brief description

Scripted and semi-spontaneous human-human dialogs have been recorded in the acoustically-isolated room Nautilus with 48 kHz sampling frequency. Speakers uttered scripted, semi-spontaneous, and spontaneous speech and we controlled the absence of background noises. Interactions between speakers and their interlocutor (a recording assistant) are provided in separate mono files, accompanied by timestamps and tags that define the speaker's turns (emotional, neutral, question, etc.).

A total of 300 German speakers without marked accent have participated in the recording procedure. Subjective listening tests have been conducted to label semi-spontaneous speech according to 34 interpersonal speaker attributions (e.g. likable, attractive, friendly, competent, modest, childish, etc.) and to 34 naive voice descriptions (e.g. bright, creaky, articulate, melodious, etc.). In all, 140 independent labellers participated.

The speech files, associated labels, and speakers' metadata have been made available to the scientific community for non-commercial research and teaching purposes only.

We are open to any form of collaboration. Feel free to contact me under: laura.fernandezgallardo (at) tu-berlin.de


Corpus summary
Speaker and voice characterization
Number of speakers; gender
300 speakers; 126 males, 174 females
Speakers' age
18 to 35 years old
Speakers' language
German (mother tongue)
Speech type
conversational; scripted, semi-spontaneous, and spontaneous
Speech duration; size
50 GB, 155 hours of speech
File format
1-channel audio/wav, 48 kHz, 16 bit
speakers: microphone AKG C 414B-XLS
interlocutor: headset Sennheiser HMD 46
demographic information and self-assessed personality
34 interpersonal speaker attributions (continuous numeric)
34 voice descriptions for selected speakers (continuous numeric)
Author/data owner
Laura Fernández Gallardo

Listen to some samples:

Consent form signed by the speakers:   (PDF, 338,6 KB) 

CLARIN ACA+BY+NC+NORED license (PDF, 124,6 KB)

For more details, see the documentation slides (PDF, 1,2 MB) and publications



  • Fernández Gallardo, L. and Weiss, B., "Towards Speaker Characterization: Identifying and Predicting Dimensions of Person Attribution," in Interspeech, pp. 904-908, 2017. [paper (PDF, 143,6 KB)][poster (PDF, 387,2 KB)]
  • Fernández Gallardo, L., Zequeira Jiménez, R. and Möller, S., "Perceptual Ratings of Voice Likability Collected through In-Lab Listening Tests vs. Mobile-Based Crowdsourcing," in Interspeech, pp. 2233-2237, 2017. [paper (PDF, 362,9 KB)][poster (PDF, 373,1 KB)]
  • Zequeira Jiménez, R., Fernández Gallardo, L. and Möller, S., "Scoring Voice Likability using Pair-Comparison: Laboratory vs. Crowdsourcing Approach," International Young Researcher Summit on Quality of Experience in Emerging Multimedia Services (QEEMS), 2017.
  • Zequeira Jiménez, R., Fernández Gallardo, L. and Möller, S., "Scoring Voice Likability using Pair-Comparison: Laboratory vs. Crowdsourcing Approach," Int. Conf. on Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMex), 2017.
  • Fernández Gallardo, L. "Recording a High-Quality German Speech Database for the Study of Speaker Personality and Likability," 12. Tagung Phonetik und Phonologie im deutschprachigen Raum, pp. 43-36, 2016. [paper (PDF, 2,6 MB)][slides (PDF, 392,2 KB)]
  • Fernández Gallardo, L. "A Paired-Comparison Listening Test for Collecting Voice Likability Scores," Informationstechnische Gesellschaft im VDE (ITG) Conference on Speech Communication, pp. 185-189, 2016. [slides (PDF, 380,3 KB)]
  • Fernández Gallardo, L. and Weiss, B., "Speech Likability and Personality-based Social Relations: A Round-Robin Analysis over Communication Channels," Interspeech, pp. 903-907, 2016. [paper (PDF, 139,6 KB)][slides (PDF, 384,4 KB)]

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