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Christine Kühnel



Christine Kühnel has been working as phd student and researcher (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter) at the Quality and Usability Lab of Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, TU-Berlin from 2007 to 2011. In 2011 she finished her PhD on the topic "Quantifying quality aspects of multimodal interactive systems'.

Since December 2011 she is working at Potsdam-Institut for Climate Change Research (PIK) as scientific coordinator.


You can find her new contact details here:




Wechsung, I., Engelbrecht, K.-P., Kühnel, C., Möller, S. and Weiss, B. (2012). Measuring the Quality of Service and Quality of Experience of Multimodal Human-Machine Interaction Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces.. Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces. Springer, 73–85.

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Kühnel, C., Westermann, T., Hemmert, F., Kratz, S. and Möller, S. (2011). I'm Home: Defining and Evaluating a Gesture Set for Smart-Home Control. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 693–704.

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Weiss, B., Möller, S., Wechsung, I. and Kühnel, C. (2011). Quality of Experiencing Multimodal Interaction. Spoken Dialogue Systems Technology and Design. Springer, 213–230.

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Möller, S., Kühnel, C. and Weiss, B. (2011). Parameters Describing Multimodal Interaction – Three Usage Scenarios.

Kühnel, C., Weiss, B., Schulz, M. and Möller, S. (2011). Quality Aspects of Multimodal Dialog Systems: Identity, Stimulation and Success. Proc. 12th Ann. Conf. of the Int. Speech Communication Assoc. (Interspeech 2011). International Speech Communication Association (ISCA), 1349–1352.


Kühnel, C., Westermann, T., Weiss, B., Kratz, S. and Möller, S. (2010). Evaluating Multimodal Systems - A Comparison of Established Questionnaires and Interaction Parameters. Proc. NordiCHI 2010

Kühnel, C., Weiss, B. and Möller, S. (2010). Parameters Describing Multimodal Interaction – Definitions and Three Usage Scenarios. Proceedings of the 11th Annual Conference of the ISCA (Interspeech 2010). International Speech Communication Association (ISCA), 2014–2017.

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Möller, S., Belmudez, B., Garcia, M.-N., Kühnel, C., Raake, A. and Weiss, B. (2010). Audio-visual Quality Integration: Comparison of Human-human and Human-machine Interaction Scenarios of Different Interactivity. Second International Workshop on Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMEX'10). IEEE Qomex 2010 Proceedings, 58–63.

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Möller, S., Engelbrecht, K.-P., Kühnel, C., Wechsung, I. and Weiss, B. (2010). Evaluation of Multimodal Interfaces for Ambient Intelligence. Human-Centric Interfaces for Ambient Intelligence. Elsevier, 347–370.

Weiss, B., Kühnel, C. and Möller, S. (2010). Audio-visual Quality as a Combination of Unimodal Qualities: Environmental Effects on Talking Heads. Fortschritte der Akustik – DAGA 2010: Plenarvortr. u. Fachbeitr. d. 36. Dtsch. Jahrestg. f. Akustik. DEGA, 561–562.

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Weiss, B., Kühnel, C., Wechsung, I., Fagel, S. and Möller, S. (2010). Quality of Talking Heads in Different Interaction and Media Contexts. Speech Communication, 481–492.

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Kühnel, C., Weiss, B. and Möller, S. (2010). Ein dreistufiger Ansatz zur Evaluation von audio-visueller Systemausgabe. Fortschritte der Akustik – DAGA 2010: Plenarvortr. u. Fachbeitr. d. 36. Dtsch. Jahrestg. f. Akustik, 85–86.

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