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Britta Hesse


Research Field

- Usability

- Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI)

Research Topics

  • Integration of mobile media advantages in the realm of rehabilitation 
  • Target group analysis 
  • Self-adaptive Software matching human capabilities


Current Project




Britta Hesse studied Media Informatics (B.Sc.) at Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin and Computer Science (M.Sc.) at Technische Universität Berlin. She joined the Telekom Innovation Laboratories as a research scientist in March 2016.


Quality and Usability Lab

Deutsche Telekom Laboratories

TU Berlin

Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7

D-10587 Berlin, Germany


Tel:  +49 30 8353 58262


Hesse, Britta and Morkisch, Nadine and Antons, Jan-Niklas and Dohle, Christian (2014). Evaluation von automatisierter Erfassung der Blickzuwendung während der Spiegeltherapie. 5. Gemeinsamen Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurorehabilitation (DGNR) und der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurotraumatologie und Klinische Neurorehabilitation (DGNKN). Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurorehabilitation (DGNR), 1–1.

O'Sullivan, Julie and Nordheim, Johanna and Jordan, Laura and Hesse, Britta and Möller, Sebastian and Antons, Jan-Niklas (2017). Information and Communications Technology in Dementia Care: Acceptance among Professional Caregivers. Proceedings of the 21th IAGG World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics. International Association of Gerontological Societies, 1–1.

O'Sullivan, Julie and Gellert, Paul and Hesse, Britta and Jordan, Laura-Maria and Möller, Sebastian and and Voigt-Antons, Jan-Niklas and Nordheim, Johanna (2017). Exploring Attitudes of Healthcare Professionals towards ICT-based Interventions for Nursing Home Residents with Dementia: A Mixed Methods Approach. Quality and User Experience. Taylor & Francis, 13.



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