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Open Profiling of Quality: A Mixed Methods Research Approach for Audiovisual Quality Evaluations

Location: Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7, 20th Floor, Auditorium 1

Dominik Strohmeier, T-Labs

TITLE:  Open Profiling of Quality: A Mixed Methods Research Approach for Audiovisual Quality Evaluations

Open Profiling of Quality(OPQ) is a mixed-methods research approach which combines a quantitative, psychoperceptual evaluation of hedonic excellence and a descriptive sensory analysis of underlying quality factors based on naïve participants' individual vocabulary. This combination allows defining the excellence of overall quality, understanding the characteristics of quality perception, and, eventually, constructing a link between preferences and quality attributes. In this talk, I will present the work of my PhD thesis towards developing OPQ as a validated tool for mixed methods quality assessment combining quantitative and qualitative/descriptive evaluation methods. Beyond the introduction of OPQ, I will also present and discuss other descriptive research methods for multimedia quality assessment , e.g. Conventional Profiling in which OPQ's individual vocabulary is substituted by a fixed set of Quality of Experience features or Descriptive Sorted Napping which combines a sorting task and short post-evaluation interviews.

Dominik Strohmeier is a research scientist at AIPA, T-Labs, TU Berlin where he currently works on Web-QoE assessment and modeling. Dominik received his Diploma in Media Technology and his doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering from Ilmenau University of Technology in 2007 and 2011, respectively. The work for his doctoral thesis targeted the development and validation of novel QoE evaluation methods for multimedia systems by adapting existing sensory evaluation methods from the food and odor sciences. Before joining T-Labs, Dominik Strohmeier worked as a workpackage leader for the European research project MOBILE3DTV at Ilmenau University of Technology.

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