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How testCloud.de uses the collective intelligence to free software from bugs // Evaluation of a mixed-order 2D and 3D Ambisonics playback implementation

Please notice: There are 2 talks for this session!

Location: Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7, 20th Floor, Auditorium 1

Thomas Grüderich, TestCloud

TITLE: Crowdsourcing in the IT industry - How testCloud.de uses the collective intelligence to free software from bugs

Testing software is often perceived as disturbance in the development process by developers and even quality assurance personnel, as it consumes time, involves high costs and is often not conducted properly. As companies are moving away from traditional ways of computing and towards the cloud computing model, running a reliable software infrastructure is a key-survival measure for any organization, regardless of its size.
testCloud’s mission is to solve that problem and to revolutionize the traditional way of testing software: by using the proven model of crowdsourcing. We use the collective intelligence of the crowd of diverse and qualified software testers who get paid per bug they find. As a result, testCloud can provide real-life testing conditions and better and faster test results than conventional software-tests.

Thomas Grüderich is the co-founder and Chief Sales Officer of testCloud.de, a Berlin based start-up that provides crowdsourced software, mobile and web app testing. By using a diverse crowd ranging from regular internet user to highly qualified software testers, applications get tested under real conditions with real people. testCloud testers only get paid per bug to ensure motivated testers who deliver high quality results.
Previously, Thomas has held the position of Sales Manager at Google Enterprise’ European Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. His duties included consulting large customers to migrate to the cloud. As a cloud computing evangelist he has also been the keynote speaker at several IT events across Germany, Switzerland and South Africa. At testCloud.de he is responsible for sales, public relations and marketing.
Second talk:
SPEAKER: Johannes Käsbach 

TITLE: Evaluation of a mixed-order 2D and 3D Ambisonics playback implementation
In this talk, an efficient approach to three-dimensional audio reproduction, based on higher order Ambisonics (HOA) is proposed and evaluation results are shown. In HOA, the dimensionality of the setup is correlated with the number of loudspeakers needed. We combine a 2D with a 3D setup to improve the quality for a given number of speakers. A listening test showed that perceived spatial resolution is increased on the horizontal pane, and typical frequency distortions are eliminated with the proposed approach. 



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