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A computational model of human motivation

Location: Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7, 20th Floor, Auditorium 1

TITLE: A computational model of human motivation

SPEAKER: Joscha Bach

Traditional cognitive architectures tend to focus on problem solving, memory and reasoning. Emotional modulation and valence are often treated as an afterthought, and goals are explicitly or implicitly specified to the experimenter. The identification of goals via a motivational system, and the interaction of motivation and emotion are central to the cognitive architecture MicroPsi. In the presentation, I will give an introduction to MicroPsi's motivational system, and how it gives rise to truly autonomous behavior.
Joscha Bach graduated in Computer Science and Philosophy at Humboldt-University of Berlin, and University of Waikato (NZ) (2000). In 2007, he obtained a PhD in Cognitive Science from University of Osnabrück. Currently he is working as a postdoctoral research fellow at CILS.



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