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Thermal Movie Clips

LOCATION: Auditorium 1 , TEL, Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7, 20th floor

Date/Time: 28.04.2014, 14:15-15:00

SPEAKER: Stefan Greiner


Emotions are experienced not only in the mind but also in the body. Physiological reactions to certain emotions make us feel warm or cold, thus there are strong bounds between emotions and temperature. However, within HCI research, using thermal information to evoke emotion related experiences is still rare. Within the master thesis a kidney belt with thermal actuators was developed in order to investigate the emotional responses to thermally augmented audiovisual stimuli (movie clips). Subjects then continuously evaluated their emotional state via a tablet application on the dimensions 'arousal' and 'valence'. Together with retrospective evaluations, the goal of the study was to take first steps towards a systematic mapping of emotion-related responses to thermal stimuli. The results indicate that there are significant effects on the arousal and/or valence ratings, dependent on thermal stimulation and emotion.

HOST: Ina Wechsung



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