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Physiological Assessment of Immersion and its impact on Cloud Gaming Experience

LOCATION:  TEL, Room Auditorium 3 (20th floor), Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7, 10587 Berlin  

Date/Time: 17.06.2019, 14:15-15:00 

SPEAKER: Domenic Reuschel (TU Berlin)


Video Gaming has been steadily on the rise since its inception and the days of Pong. It is only natural that with such a growing audience, science is bound to follow. So, in the last decades many researchers tried to define gaming and the surrounding psychology. Special terms like Immersion, Presence or Engagement have been coined.

Measuring Immersion is still a hard task, as it is a very fragile state of mind. While questionnaires have been developed, those are very long and might be helped with physiological measurements that do not take place after an immersive experience but rather while the experience is happening.

Video games are also steadily evolving, from simple, two dimensional monochromatic and low resolution single player games for the select few to the virtual reality, almost every aspect of video games has been reinvented time and time again, and with such changes to the system modalities, so changes the experience a player has. One of these evolvements has been the rise of cloud gaming, where the game logic and graphics are calculated on a server and just the video and sound are sent to the player's client machine.

The inputs the player makes are in turn sent to the server. Such services rely on networks, which often come with flaws. To find out, how technical parameters, in this case screen size and network flaws, influence the immersion, and how immersion in turn influences the players perception of the game, a within-subject lab study was designed, in which participants played a game under 12 conditions (3 screen sizes x 4 network states). In addition, physiological measurements using EDA and ECG were performed in order to investigate if the post-priori assessment with questionnaire can potentially be replaced or enhanced with features extracted from physiological measurements.



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