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Designing for visualizations that persuade

Location: Auditorium 1, TEL, Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7, 20th floor

Andrew Vande Moere (Department of Architecture, Urbanism and Planning, University of Leuven, Belgium)


Andrew Vande Moere will present a wide range of research projects that deal with different forms of representing information in a public context. Following a research through design methodology, each project contains a strong creative and design component, as well as a thorough evaluation phase that encourages critical reflection and the synthesis of generalizable knowledge. Ranging from online experiments that compare the sense-making performance of visual style in visualization, to basketball jerseys that literally highlight the performance statistics of the wearer, each project explores how more - not less - opportunistic yet engaging information interfaces might solve the phenomenon of data overload.


Prof. dr. ir. arch. Andrew Vande Moere is an Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture, Urbanism and Planning of the University of Leuven (Belgium), and the main author behind the weblog “Information Aesthetics” (http://infosthetics.com [1]). Andrew conducted research at the ETH-Zurich (Switzerland) and the University of Sydney (Australia) on the symbiosis of media and space, exemplified by topics such as architectural computing, urban informatics, media architecture and urban mapping. Andrew is particularly interested in designing and evaluating new forms of information representation, ranging from traditional, screen-based interfaces in public environments, to more explorative forms of data-driven electronic fashion. In addition to his academic research, Andrew collects compelling examples of information visualization - which have the ability to inform as well as engage the public at large - on his blog Information Aesthetics.

HOST: Nina Valkanova


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