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Advanced Smartphone Interaction with Public Displays

LOCATION: Sputnik, TEL, Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7, 17th floor

Date/Time: 20.01.2014, 14:15-15:00

SPEAKER: Dr. Matthias Baldauf, FTW Telecommunications Research Center Vienna


Digital signage technology such as public displays and projections are starting to become omnipresent in today's urban surroundings. According to recent studies, the global market for such installations will reach almost $4.5 billion in 2016. However, typical public displays in the form of LCD flat screens are a passive medium and do not provide any interaction possibilities. As our steady companions, smartphones have been identified as promising input devices for such remote systems. In my talk, I will give overview on our recent research in the field of advanced smartphone interaction with large displays: I will introduce innovative prototypes enabling interactive applications on remote displays and present the results of several user experience studies investigating unexplored aspects of mobile interaction with public screens. Further, I will give an outlook on promising future research topics we plan to address.


Dr. Matthias Baldauf is a senior researcher and project manager at FTW Telecommunications Research Center Vienna, an internationally acclaimed center for research and development in the area of 'User-Centered Interaction & Communication Economics'. Matthias holds master degrees in economic computer science and software engineering from University of Vienna and Vienna Technical University and a PhD degree in computer science from Vienna Technical University. His research interests include mobile human-computer interaction, pervasive interaction techniques, and respective computer vision and information visualization methods. For details, please visit matthiasbaldauf.com.




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