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Conversation Opinion Tests for Speech Quality Assessment using Crowdsourcing Approach

Location:  Zoom link (Please ask Saman Zadtootaghaj for access)  

Date/Time: 01.02.2021, 14:00-14:30 

SPEAKER:  Pavan Chitradurga Thammanna (TU Berlin)

Abstract: Crowdsourcing as an evolving Web model offers new opportunities for QoE research by offering a global pool of participants to move QoE studies over the Internet. Micro-task crowdsourcing with real-time audio conversations is achievable by advancements in web sockets and WebRTC. ITU-T Recommendation P.800 explains the subjective study of speech quality assessment with two different methods Listen Only Tests(LOT) and conversation opinion test. For the Listen Only Tests, there is a recommendation from ITU-T Recommendation P.808 is in enforcement. This recommendation has a crowdsourcing approach as well and the ITU-T Recommendation P.805 Subjective evaluation of conversation quality addresses the conversation opinion test with a laboratory approach. This Thesis attempts to design, develop and test an infrastructure to carry out Conversation Opinion tests with a crowdsourcing approach using WebRTC. WebRTC is used as the preferred technology for audio communication and the Amazon Mechanical Turk is used as the crowdsourcing platform. The application is designed based on ITU-T Recommendation P.805. The thesis includes two different tests first one being the User to file test and second is the User to user conversation test. The second test is more relevant for the thesis, the first test is a prototype and is used for testing the system and reliability. The second test aims at conducting the test with similar conversation scenarios and degradations mentioned in the ITU-T Recommendation P.805. 





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