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Systematic Literature Review: Mental Stress Detection with consumer-grade Wearables

Location:  Zoom link (Please ask Saman Zadtootaghaj for access)  

Date/Time: 23.11.2020, 14:00-14:30 

SPEAKER:  George Göksel (TU Berlin)

Abstract: At present, there is no standardized and uniform definition of stress due to the continuing lack of consensus in the scientific literature. Due to the various definitions of stress and the “lack of a comprehensive framework for investigating how organisms function in and adapt to constantly changing environments” a standardized stress evaluation method is missing, leading to many different approaches in measuring stress. One approach to objectively measure stress is to derive stress based on physiological measurements. While clinical, stationary devices are often used for measurement, the use of wearables has been increasingly investigated in recent years. These wearables ultimately contribute to the vision of automatic stress detection due to their widespread distribution and suitability in everyday life and appear promising for improving human health through monitoring and possible preventive or recovery methods. Wearable devices have emerged as practical devices in everyday life and are more often used for health related applications. A study by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) implicates that health benefits are the number one reason for the purchase of wearable devices, and supporting the findings of the PwC study, a study by Juniper Research forecasts that the market for these devices will grow further and wearable devices ”are set to become must haves in delivering healthcare”.

In recent years, research has produced numerous studies that have examined automatic mental stress detection. By bundling the findings, the present work aims to shed light on the current state of research on the objective, unobtrusive measurement of mental stress using consumer-grade wearables and to highlight the current research needs, to describe the approaches pursued in stress research and to draw possible conclusions for future studies. To pursue this goal, a literature review will be conducted based on the Systematic Review methodology. In this presentation, the conceptualization of stress and the methodological approach on which the work is based will be presented in order to provide an insight into the possible systematic approach behind a literature review. Finally, the first results of the review, which is still in progress, are introduced.

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