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A Survey on Perceived Speaker Traits: Personality, Likability, Pathology and the First Challenge. Introduction to the Special Issue on Next Generation Computational Paralinguistics
Zitatschlüssel schuller2015a
Autor Schuller, B. and Steidl, S. and Batliner, A. and Nöth, E. and Vinciarelli, Alessandro and Burkhardt, Felix and van Son, R. and Weninger, Felix and Eyben, F. and Bocklet, T. and Mohammadi, Gelareh and Weiss, Benjamin
Seiten 100–131
Jahr 2015
ISSN 0885-2308
Adresse New York, USA
Journal Computer, Speech and Language
Jahrgang 29
Nummer 1
Notiz print, electronic, online
Verlag Elsevier
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