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The Design Space of Mobile Phone Input Techniques for Ubiquitous Computing
Zitatschlüssel ballagas2008a
Autor Ballagas, Rafael and Rohs, Michael and Sheridan, Jennifer and Borchers, Jan
Buchtitel Handbook of Research on User Interface Design and Evaluation for Mobile Technologies
Seiten 386–407
Jahr 2008
ISBN 978-1-59904-871-0
Herausgeber Lumsden, Joanna
Verlag IGI Global
Zusammenfassung The mobile phone is the first truly pervasive computer. In addition to its core communications functionality, it is increasingly used for interaction with the physical world. This chapter examines the design space of input techniques using legacy desktop taxonomies and design spaces to provide an in-depth discussion of existing interaction techniques. A new five-part spatial classification is proposed for ubiquitous mobile phone interaction tasks discussed in our survey. It includes supported subtasks (position, orient, and selection), dimensionality, relative vs. absolute, interaction style (direct vs. indirect), and feedback from the environment (continuous vs. discrete). Key design considerations are identified for deploying these interaction techniques in real-world applications. Our analysis aims to inspire and inform the design of future smart phone interaction techniques.
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