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Microphone as Sensor in Mobile Phone Performance
Zitatschlüssel misra2008a
Autor Misra, A. and Essl, Georg and Rohs, Michael
Buchtitel Proceedings of the International Conference for New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME-08)
Seiten 185–188
Jahr 2008
ISBN 13-978-88-901344-6-3
Adresse Genova, Italy
Zusammenfassung Many mobile devices, specifically mobile phones, come equipped with a microphone. Microphones are high-fidelity sensors that can pick up sounds relating to a range of physical phenomena. Using simple feature extraction methods, parameters can be found that sensibly map to synthesis algorithms to allow expressive and interactive performance. For example blowing noise can be used as a wind instrument excitation source. Also other types of interactions can be detected via microphones, such as striking. Hence the microphone, in addition to allowing literal recording, serves as an additional source of input to the developing eld of mobile phone performance.
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