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A GPS Tracking Application with a Tilt- and Motion-Sensing Interface
Zitatschlüssel mock2008a
Autor Mock, Michael and Rohs, Michael
Buchtitel Workshop on Mobile and Embedded Interactive Systems (MEIS at Informatik 2008)
Seiten 266–271
Jahr 2008
ISBN 1617-5468 / 978-3-88579-227-7
Workshop 1
Monat sep
Zusammenfassung Combining GPS tracks with semantic annotations is the basis for large data analysis tasks that give insight into the movement behavior of populations. In this paper, we present a first prototype implementation of a GPS tracking application that aims at subsuming GPS tracking and manual annotation on a standard mobile phone. The main purpose of this prototype is to investigate its usability, which is achieved by a tilt- and motion- sensing interface. We provide a GPS diary function that visualizes GPS trajectories on a map, allows annotating the trajectory, and navigating through the trajectory by moving and tilting the mobile phone. We present the design of our application and report on the very first user experiences.
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