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Designing Low-Dimensional Interaction for Mobile Navigation in 3D Audio Spaces
Zitatschlüssel schaefers2008a
Autor Schaefers, T. and Rohs, Michael and Spors, Sascha and Raake, Alexander and Ahrens, Jens
Buchtitel 34th International AES Conference
Jahr 2008
Adresse Jeju Island, Korea
Monat aug
Organisation Audio Engineering Society (AES)
Zusammenfassung In this paper we explore spatial audio as a new design space for applications like teleconferencing and audio stream management on mobile devices. Especially in conjunction with input techniques using motion-tracking, the interaction has to be thoroughly designed in order to allow low-dimensional input devices like gyroscopic sensors to be used for controlling the rather complex spatial setting of the virtual audio space. We propose a new interaction scheme that allows the mapping of low-dimensional input data to navigation of a listener within the spatial setting.
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