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Mobile Interaction with the "Real World"
Zitatschlüssel schoening2008b
Autor Schöning, Johannes and Rohs, Michael and Krüger, Antonio
Buchtitel Workshop on Mobile Interaction with the Real World (MIRW at MobileHCI 2008)
Seiten 51–60
Jahr 2008
ISBN 978-3-8142-2134-2
Workshop 1
Monat sep
Zusammenfassung Real-world objects (and the world) are usually not at. It is unfortunate, then, that mobile augmented reality (AR) applications often concentrate on the interaction with 2D objects. Typically, 2D markers are required to track mobile devices relative to the real-world objects to be augmented, and the interaction with these objects is normally limited to the fixed plane in which these markers are located. Using platonic solids, we show how to easily extend the interaction space to tangible 3D models. In particular, we present a proof-of-concept example in which users interact with a 3D paper globe using a mobile device that augments the globe with additional information. (In other words, mobile interaction with the "real world.") We believe that this particular 3D interaction with a paper globe can be very helpful in educational settings, as it allows pupils to explore our planet in an easy and intuitive way. An important aspect is that using the real shape of the world can help to correct many common geographic misconceptions that result from the projection of the earth's surface onto a 2D plane.
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