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Speech Quality Modelling


Parametric and signal-based models for wideband speech quality

Motivation & Project Description

  • Development of both parametric and signal-based models for the prediction of wideband speech quality:
  • Motivation: In order to reduce costs for subjective tests, models are needed for the quantification of wideband speech quality in an end-to-end scenario, both for network planning as well as for network monitoring.

    • Extension of the E-Model towards wideband speech, extending the approach known from narrowband network planning.
    • Extension of the E-Model towards wideband speech, based on perceptual dimensions.
    • Development of a signal-based model for estimating overall quality as well as perceptually relevant dimensions.


  • Models and algorithms for estimating narrowband and wideband speech quality
  • ITU-T contributions and recommendations (ITU-T SG 12, Q.8/12 and Q.9/12)
  • Scientific publications

Time Frame: 

T-labs Team Members:

Nicolas Côté, Sebastian Möller,
Alexander Raake, Marcel Wältermann
Ulrike Stiefelhagen
France Télécom R&D
Funding by:
Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Deutsche
Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), France Télécom R&D
see list of publications of:
Côté/ Möller/ Raake/ Wältermann



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