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Adaptive Edge/Cloud Compute and Network Continuum over a Heterogeneous Sparse Edge Infrastructure to Support Nextgen Applications (ACCORDION)

ACCORDION establishes an opportunistic approach in bringing together edge resource/infrastructures (public clouds, on-premise infrastructures, telco resources, even end-devices) in pools defined in terms of latency, that can support NextGen application requirements. To mitigate the expectation that these pools will be “sparse”, providing low availability guarantees, ACCORDION will intelligently orchestrate the compute & network continuum formed between edge and public clouds, using the latter as a capacitor. Deployment decisions will be taken also based on privacy, security, cost, time and resource type criteria. The slow adoption rate of novel technological concepts from the EU SMEs will be tackled though an application framework, that will leverage DevOps and SecOps to facilitate the transition to the ACCORDION system. With a strong emphasis on European edge computing efforts (MEC, OSM) and 3 highly anticipated NextGen applications on collaborative VR, multiplayer mobile- and cloud-gaming, brought by the involved end users, ACCORDION is expecting to radically impact the application development and deployment landscape, also directing part of the related revenue from non-EU vendors to EU-local infrastructure and application providers.


Planned contribution by TU Berlin

  • To develop assessment methods and execute them in controlled laboratory tests, analyze the impact of the network (e.g., in terms of delay, coding, error concealment) and context factors on the QoE experienced by users of such services in limited-scale field tests.
  • Development of new recommendations on bit-stream based cloud gaming quality of experience
  • To determine the QoE aspects related to the quality perception and judgment processes for different application in the scope of accordion project

For more details on this EU project, please follow the link below:


Time Frame: 
01/2020 - 12/2022
T-labs Team Members:
Saman Zadtootaghaj
Steven Schmidt
Funding by:
European Union’s Horizon 2020 ICT Cloud Computing programme
see Team-Members

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