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ALM-enabled Smart Maintenance (ALMeS)

The purpose of this project can be described as follows:
Develop a solution kit for Add-on, Low cost, Multi-purpose (ALM) IoT modules for fitting machinery/production plants and measuring real time parameters such as vibrations, energy consumption, temperature etc. based on innovative fiber optics and Nucleo STM microcontrollers.

ALMeS aims to develop and to market a sustainable, commercially viable solution kit for CBM/PdM  implementation in the manufacturing industry with reduced setup costs, commoditized hardware and monitoring applications.

The ALMeS solution kit provides values from the innovative sensors developed are based on standard fiber optics and low-cost, high performance STM Nucleo boards and they can be customized by software to sense fine-grained real-time parameters adapting to operational conditions.

The ALMeS solution kit provides values from the innovative sensors developed are based on standard fiber optics, low cost microcontrollers and machine-learning software. Thanks to thos semi-commoditized technology, the project expect to impact in many industrial sectors at medium-high level of automation of the production by lowering the barrier of smart maintenance at European and Worldwide level.

The overall workplan is organized in three catalysts of Technology Transfer for the technology providers (Coharentia, Konux, ST Microelectronics, FBK, TUB) with the target of integrating a prototype, a demonstrable kit and a field-ready proof-of-concept to support the marketing and sales activities from a
Business Launch catalyst under the leadership of REPLY ( Business Champion) targeting already involved potential customers.

Santer Reply
ST microelectronics
Cohaerentia (Politecnico di Milano) - EIT coached startup
Technische Universitaet Berlin (TUB)
Konux - EIT coached startup
Crowdee - EIT supported startup

Cohaerentia (POLIMI) has the role of integrating a FO- based sensor for quick deploy on a set of machinery to measure vibrations, strains, spillages and energy (electrical, thermal). ST will provide the chipset and integration guidelines to prototype the ALMeS sensor gateway with wireless connectivity) with AD conversions. Reply will develop the firmware for FFT and real time signal analysis on board Nucleo (expertise ready in REPLY). TUB will develop hybrid AI/human analytics. FBK will develop RT signal analysis software. REPLY will execute the business launch by productization of the prototype and industrial analytics.





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