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Exergaming in Virtual Reality


As Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming a trend in technology, also available for end users, there are many opportunities for serious and gaming applications. One domain of games for virtual environments are exergames - a combination of exercising and gaming.

Research Topics

  • Usability - Motivation & Engagement 

    • Improving overall experience of users - due to an increase of flow, presence and immersion

  • Social 

    • Multiplayer in VR with possibility to communicate and increases the social presence

  • Data Visualisation

    • Influence of complexity and elements positioning in user interface on experience

  • Sport & Performance 

    • Joint PhD-degree program within the strategic partnership of TUB and UTS 



VR Rowing

Application for Virtual Reality where rowing is used as exercise. The player has an overview from first-person point of view inside of the virtual scull on a lake. Several play modes are implemented with different user interface visualisations for single and multiplayer so far.  

VR Rowing project was presented on Long night of science and was recognised by news “Berliner Zeitung”: https://www.berliner-zeitung.de/berlin/sportler-im-cyberspace-rudern-ohne-nass-zu-werden-30578096


Virtual Reality & Exercise Gaming 

Course as part of Summer and Winter University where goal is that students come up and develop their own exercise games for Virtual Reality. The course is focusing on topics such as: 

  • Introduction to programming for Virtual Reality with Unity
  • Understanding benefits and limitations of VR environments
  • Workshop in designing, prototyping, and developing for one small Exergame in VR 
  • Perform a usability test and use the gathered result during the development

More on: https://www.tu-berlin.de/menue/summer_university/summer_university_term_3/virtual_reality_exercise_gaming/


Influence of Virtual Environments and Conversations on User Engagement During Multiplayer Exergames
Zitatschlüssel Kojic2018
Autor Kojic, Tanja and Voigt-Antons, Jan-Niklas and Schmidt, Steven and Tetzlaff, Lukas and Kortowski, Bruno and Sirotina, Uliana and Möller, Sebastian
Buchtitel 2018 Tenth International Conference on Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMEX)
Seiten 1–3
Jahr 2018
ISSN 2472-7814
DOI 10.1109/QoMEX.2018.8463370
Ort Cagliari, Italy
Adresse Piscataway, NJ, USA
Monat may
Notiz Electronic
Verlag IEEE
Serie QoMEX
Wie herausgegeben Full
Zusammenfassung Virtual Reality (VR) multiplayer games are currently developed more frequently, while in parallel VR is becoming more accessible to the broader public. Also exergames, which refer to computer games combined with a physical activity, are getting widely available, driven by developments in sensor technologies. In this paper, we present results of a multiplayer exergame experiment where two players race against each other four times on two rowing ergometers. Experimental conditions were type of environment (with VR vs. without VR) and the possibility of conversation with the opponent (conversation enabled vs. conversation disabled). To measure subjective experience, participants rated perceived flow, sense of presence and social presence on standardized questionnaires. Results show that the type of environment has a significant influence on the perceived presence, as participants rated the presence higher in VR. The possibility of conversation resulted in a perception of a significantly higher social presence. This illustrates that the usage of virtual environments as well as the possibility of conversations between users are highly valuable to increase the Quality of Experience during exergames. In our future research, we plan to further investigate means to improve the user experience by applying gamification, different representations of opponents, and to assess the impact of network impairments during multiplayer scenarios.
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Exergaming in Virtual Reality
04/2016 - 03/2021
QULab Kontaktperson:
Tanja KojicJan-Niklas Voigt-Antons 

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