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Nowadays technical systems play a big role in our daily routine, for working life as well as leisure time. The use of interactive systems such as computers (hardware and software, offline and online applications) or consumer electronics (mobile phones, game consoles, mp3 players, etc.) rises more and more. Not only the number of systems in the market portfolio increases, but also the number of users and the complexity of system functionality.

Often these developments focus on the technical possibilities generated by advances in engineering sciences. Usability is one important aspect when developing these new technical systems.

DIN standard EN ISO 9241-11 defines usability as "the extent to which a product can be used by specified users to achieve specified goals with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction in a specified context of use". Beside the instrumental qualities efficiency and effectiveness interactive systems such as computers should provide a non instrumental or hedonic quality: satisfaction.

Satisfaction contributes notably to the interaction between humans and technical systems. It might even be a decisive factor whether a product appeals to the user and motivates him to keep dealing with it. Here, joy and fun play important roles. Thus usability researchers try to gain new insights, how joy by using technical systems could be recorded and transformed into measurable quantities since some years. In order to name this research field, the term "User Experience (UX)" was introduced and "Joy of Use" is often used to describe the positive moments in particular.


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