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The Joy-of-Use-Button is a program that allows a user to manually record moments of "Joy of Use" by immediate ratings while using a PC.

The program provides a simple rating mode which is available with only two clicks. There the user can choose from a scale of five smilies with little to very positive expressions.

In the extended rating mode the program offers ten items which can be chosen to categorize the experience. There is also a free text field for individual descriptions.

Besides offering the choice between simple and extended rating mode, the program also captures and saves a screenshot along with the evaluation data with the possibility to mark areas of interest in the screenshot. It also automatically detects the currently used program (name and path) which will be evaluated.

It is possible to start the program automatically together with the operating system Windows XP or manually on demand. Once started, it can be called double-clicking on the system tray icon in the taskbar notification area or using an individual hotkey function. All data sets are saved in a local CSV file.

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For any questions or to send your Joy-of-Use-Button data sets, please send an e-mail to: