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User's Manual


Welcome to the Joy-of-Use-Button program manual.


Joy-of-Use-Button Setup Wizard

After a double-click on the JoyOfUse Installer.msi the installation will start. Press Next to continue.

Joy-of-Use-Button Installation Folder

Select the folder where the program should be installed. To change the folder press Browse..., to change the disk press Disk Cost..., select whether you want to install just for the current or for all user profiles.

Joy-of-Use-Button Confirm Installation

After pressing Next the program will be installed.
Note: Framework 2.0 is required and will be installed automatically.

Joy-of-Use-Button Installation Complete

How to start

Go to the Joy of Use folder and click on the Start JoyOfUse smiley to start the program. Afterwards you'll find the program icon (also a smiley) between your tray icons.

Joy-of-Use-Button Start


Here you can set the directory where the data will be saved, you can set up the hotkey function and you can choose to start the program together with windows. Right clicking on the Joy of use icon, opens a window where you can choose to make a screenshot and rating, to open the options dialog or to quit the program.

Joy-of-Use-Button Options

How to use the Program

When having a Joy of Use experience, you can activate the program by a left click on the smiley icon or by using the shortcut you have defined.

You may evaluate your experience either in a short or an advanced mode depending on whether the small (just a rating bar with smileys) or the extended window is visible.


The first version will only save your rating and the screenshot. As soon as you left-click the rating bar to make your vote the application will minimize back to its tray icon and wait for the next job.

Joy-of-Use-Button Short


You can open the extended version by a click on the advanced mode button on the right side of the rating bar and go back to the simple version by clicking it again.

The second version (extended window) will save your rating, the screenshot, the categories you have chosen and the text you might have entered as soon as you click the large OK button.

The category buttons have short descriptions in the form of tooltips. They are shown when you hover over them with the mouse cursor for a few seconds.

Joy-of-Use-Button Extended

You are encouraged to mark the area of interest on the screenshot which is displayed in the background to further specify the object or functionality that caused your positive feeling. To draw on it simply hold down the left button while moving the mouse. If the feature you'd like to highlight is covered by the Joy of Use window you can drag it away like any other window.

Joy-of-Use-Button Mark

Quit vs. Cancel

If you want to shut down the program you have to right click on the tray icon and select quit from the context menu.

With cancel the current evaluation will not be saved, but the Program will be still waiting in the background (tray icon) for the next activation.

Joy-of-Use-Button Quit vs. Cancel

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