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AttrakDiff (TM)


The AttrakDiffTM questionnaire by Hassenzahl et al. (2003), developed together with User Interface Design GmbH, measures subjective assessments concerning pragmatic and hedonic qualities and the attractiveness of interactive products.

The questionnaire has the format of a semantic differential and uses 28 seven-step items on 4 dimensions which poles are opposite adjectives (e.g. complicated - simple, cheap - premium, conservative - innovative, ugly - attractive).

AttrakDiffTM Example Results

The following example results are taken from
Hassenzahl, M. et al. (2003). AttrakDiffTM [Online]. Version 2. Ludwigsburg: User Interface Design GmbH. Available at: <http://www.attrakdiff.de> [Accessed: 1 April 2009].

Word Pairs Diagram

The word pairs diagram shows the mean values of the 7 items on each of the 4 dimensions: pragmatic quality (PQ), hedonic quality - identity (HQ-I), hedonic quality - stimulation (HQ-S), and attractiveness (ATT).

word pairs diagram, www.attrakdiff.de

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