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Promoting UX - developing KPIs for user experience design

LOCATION:  TEL, Auditorium 3 (20th floor), Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7, 10587 Berlin

Date/Time: 12.12.2016, 14:15-15:00

SPEAKER: Vera Fuest


The ambiguity of the concept of User Experience (UX) causes confusion about the responsibilities of the UX Designer’s role. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can promote UX activities by making their value accessible to all stakeholders. The Usability Performance Indicators model is applied to select adequate UX evaluation methods that potentially qualify as UX KPIs. A stakeholder requirement analysis aims at defining characteristics that make a KPI relevant for stakeholders. The assessment of 103 collected UX evaluation methods results in defining three UX KPIs: UX KPI attractiveness pragmatics emotions (ATT), UX KPI efficiency effectiveness (EFF) and UX KPI aesthetics (AES). The intention to use the three UX KPIs is evaluated in ten individual structured interviews. The research findings resulted in UX KPI EFF to be the most stakeholder relevant KPI. The criteria suggested by the acceptance model for software measures did not represent adequate KPI requirements for the interviewed stakeholders. Important requirements for the three UX KPIs provided by the interviewees were, among others, meaningfulness, quick and automated data collection and the ability to represent a business goal. Future research could evaluate the relevance of these requirements for other stakeholders in an exploratory study.



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