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Research Colloquium Usability WS07/08

Mondays, starting October 22, 2007
TEL Auditorium 1 and 2 (20th floor), Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7, 10587 Berlin

This research colloquium is a weekly event with various invited speakers. It is open to anyone who is interested in the general area of usability and human-computer interaction. Researchers in this area will present overviews of their work. The colloquium is organized by Deutsche Telekom Laboratories. If you have any questions, please contact Sebastian Möller, Georg Essl, or Michael Rohs.




Talk Title
October 22,
Eva Hornecker, Pervasive Interaction Lab, Department of Computing, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK
Social Interaction in Computer-Augmented Environments – Towards an understanding of users' experience in interactive spaces
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October 29,
Fee Steinhoff, Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, TU Berlin
User Driven Innovation @ T-Labs: Methodological Overview & User Clinic
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November 5,
Alvaro Trapote, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
Towards a methodology to the evaluation of Multimodal Interactive Systems: cases of study
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November 12,
Florian Gödde, Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, TU Berlin
 Evaluation of a Smart-home System for Elderly Users

November 19,
Roderick Murray-Smith, Department of Computing Science, Glasgow University, UK
Negotiated, Continuous, Uncertain Interaction: Shaping the loop dynamics of mobile devices with rich sensing and feedback
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November 26,

December 3,
Hamed Ketabdar, EPFL
Enhanced Phone Posteriors for Improving Speech Recognition Systems
December 10, 2007
Andreas Nilkens, University of Bochum
The Visual Attention Model and Usbaility of Graphical User Interfaces
December 11,
2007, 16:00
Edmond Boyer , INRIA
  3D Shape Modeling from Multiple Cameras
December 17,
 Volker Hohmann, Universität Oldenburg
Assessment of binaural beamforming algorithms using psychoacoustical measures
January 7,
  Christoph Pörschmann, FH-Cologne
Measurement-based analysis of directional room properties
January 21,
Sofia Dahl, HMT Hannover
Expression and control in music performance: information conveyed through musicians' movements

January 31,
Kirstin Scholz, moved to Thursday
An Attribute-based Method for the Assessment of Speech Quality

February 4,
Christopher Frauenberger, Queen Mary University London
The design of audio in human-technology interaction

February 11,
Jan-Mark Batke, Deutsche Thomson OHG
An Overview to Higher Order Ambisonics - Theory, Use Cases, Applications
February 18, 2008
Michael Schellenbach, MPI Berlin
Assistive Mobile Technology for Successful Aging: Perspectives from Psychological Aging Research
Feburary 25, 2008
Eero Pailinna & Kimmo Nurmisto
Research and Teaching of HCI & Usability at Helsinki's Universities
February 26, 2008
Michael Philetus Weller, CoDe Lab, Carnegie Mellon University
March 3, 2008
Wolfgang Jonas, University of Kassel
System Design: theory - method - practice
March 14, 2008
Ali Shahrokni, Robotics Lab, University of Oxford
Temporal Priors for Novel Video Synthesis
March 17, 2008
Carl-Frank Westermann
Sound Branding Der Klang der Marke
March 26, 2008
Pascal Fua, Computer Vision Lab, EPFL
 Deformable Surfaces from Single Images

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