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Human and Automatic Speaker Recognition over Telecommunication Channels
Citation key fernandezgallardo2016a
Author Fernández Gallardo, Laura
Year 2016
ISBN 978-981-287-726-0
DOI 10.1007/978-981-287-727-7
Address Singapur
Note print, online
Publisher Springer-Verlag
Series T-Labs Series in Telecommunication Services
Edition 1
How Published full
Abstract This work addresses the evaluation of the human and the automatic speaker recognition performances under different channel distortions caused by bandwidth limitation, codecs, and electro-acoustic user interfaces, among other impairments. Its main contribution is the demonstration of the benefits of communication channels of extended bandwidth, together with an insight into how speaker-specific characteristics of speech are preserved through different transmissions. It provides sufficient motivation for considering speaker recognition as a criterion for the migration from narrowband to enhanced bandwidths, such as wideband and super-wideband.
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