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Next steps to improve P.TCA
Citation key koester2015c
Author Köster, Friedemann and Schiffner, Falk and Möller, Sebastian
Title of Book ITU-T SG 12 Meeting May 2015
Year 2015
Address Geneva
Number COM 12 – C 268 – E
Month may
Note online
Publisher ITU
How Published full
Institution International Telecommunication Union
Abstract In this contribution, we present an approach for a ``ground-truth'' overview of a commonly used database in P.TCA annotation experiments. The overview is created according to descriptions of the used conditions and the annotation frequency of experts and na"ive listeners. The overview is targeted to provide a basis for future experiments and to give useful information about the reliability of the P.TCA schema and possible future steps. Additionally, we provide new information about the processing of exemplary listening material.
Bibtex Type of Publication ITU-T Contribution
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