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Evaluation of objective full reference model scores under realistic application constraints
Citation key soloducha2013b
Author Soloducha, Michal and Skowronek, Janto and Raake, Alexander
Title of Book Proceedings of AIA-DAGA 2013
Pages 463–466
Year 2013
ISBN 978-3-939296-05-8
Location Meran
Address Merano, Italy
Month mar
Note other medium: CD/DVD
How Published full
Organization Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Akustik
Abstract Two full-reference speech quality assessment models are currently in use for evaluating telephony systems, for example during intrusive service monitoring: PESQ (ITU-T Rec. P.862) and P.OLQA (ITU-T Rec. P.863). Recent studies have shown that, depending on which speech samples are used for testing a system, different results may be obtained. The aim of this paper is to systematically investigate how quality predictions by these models vary for different speech samples of different languages under different real-life network conditions. Several measurements have been conducted using a test network using different VoIP clients. Utterances in 9 different languages such as English, German, Italian and Japanese from ITU-T Rec. P.501 were used for this purpose. The results show that there is a measurable language dependency of the quality scores. The paper analyses the range of prediction-variation resulting from the use of different samples, in comparison with the variation resulting from different network settings. Based on this comparison, implications for network operators and system manufacturers are being discussed.
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