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Full-Duplex Communication Systems using Loudspeaker Arrays and Microphone Arrays
Citation key buchner2002a
Author Buchner, Herbert and Spors, Sascha
Title of Book Proceedings of the 2002 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME 2002)
Year 2002
Address Lousanne, Switzerland
Month aug
Abstract For high-quality multimedia communication systems, such as teleconferencing, or tele-teaching (especially of music), multichannel sound reproduction is highly desirable. While current approaches still rely on a restrained listening area, the sweet spot, a volume solution for a large listening space is offered by the Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) method, where arrays of loudspeakers generate a prespecified soundfield. On the recording side of the two-way systems, the use of microphone arrays is an effective approach to cope with undesired signal components in the receiving room. However, before full-duplex communication can be deployed, efficient approaches to the acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) problem in this challenging scenario have to be found. In this paper, we investigate different options for system integration, after a brief discussion of the current state of the art. We then present a first real-time solution on a regular PC platform, based on an efficient AEC for MIMO (multi-input and multi-output) systems in the frequencydomain.
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