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Protractor3D: A Closed-Form Solution to Rotation-Invariant 3D Gestures
Citation key kratz2011a
Author Kratz, Sven and Rohs, Michael
Title of Book Proceedings of the 2011 International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI 2011)
Year 2011
Location Palo Alto, California, USA
Month feb
Publisher ACM Press
Abstract Protractor 3D is a gesture recognizer that extends the 2D touch screen gesture recognizer Protractor to 3D gestures. It inherits many of Protractor's desirable properties, such as high recognition rate, low computational and low memory requirements, ease of implementation, ease of customization, and low number of required training samples. Protractor 3D is based on a closed-form solution to finding the optimal rotation angle between two gesture traces involving quaternions. It uses a nearest neighbor approach to classify input gestures. It is thus well-suited for application in resource-constrained mobile devices. We present the design of the algorithm and a study that evaluated its performance.
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