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NeuroPad: Use Cases For A Mobile Physiological Interface
Citation key matthies2012a
Author Matthies, Denys J. C. and Antons, Jan-Niklas and Heidmann, Frank and Wettach, Reto and Schleicher, Robert
Title of Book Proceedings of the 7th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction: Making Sense Through Design (NordiCHI '12)
Pages 795–796
Year 2012
ISBN 978-1-4503-1482-4
DOI 10.1145/2399016.2399152
Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Address New York, NY, USA
Month oct
Publisher ACM
Series NordiCHI '12
Organization NordiCHI
Abstract Being engaged with real-world tasks – when hands are busy – also means not being able to use mobile devices. Trying to overcome this problem we present NeuroPad, an iPad-application that connects a commercially available low-cost neuro headset with an iPad. The read physiological signals are used for controlling different functionalities in a touchless manner. The implemented use-cases include simple interactions with a virtual toy, a browser "boss but-ton" activated by eye winks, and head movements to con-trol a music player. The prototype intends to exemplify the usage of such interfaces as an additional input modality in the context of mobility beyond a mere gaming purpose, while pointing out limitations of the current device like the limited data quality.
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