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Environmental noise classification in context of speech transmission quality
Citation key marscheider2014a
Author Marscheider, Julian and Soloducha, Michal and Skowronek, Janto
Title of Book Proceedings of Forum Acusticum 2014
Pages R20E2–1–6
Year 2014
ISSN 2221-3767
Address Krakow, Poland
Month sep
Note other medium: CD/DVD
Publisher European Acoustics Association
How Published full
Organization European Acoustics Association
Abstract The goal of this study was to investigate the link between different types of noise and their impact on quality judgments, and to attempt a categorization of the different noise files due to their quality impact. For that purpose, a listening test was conducted to obtain quality ratings for a set of speech samples mixed with different types of background noise. Conducting a cluster analysis on the quality ratings, three classes determined by the quality impact of the different noises could be identified. To realize the classification process, a range of known signal features were computed and linear regression and nearest-neighbor classification was used to predict those classes. The classification performance showed that the two most distinct classes, one consisting of noises with a high quality impact, the other comprising noises with a low quality impact, could be successfully classified. Thus, the feasibility of the presented approach could be shown. However, the misclassification of the third class requires an improvement of the classification performance. This could be achieved by increasing the database of noise files and investigating more sophisticated classification methods.
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