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Quality of Experience: Terminology, Methods and Applications
Citation key moeller2014k
Author Möller, Sebastian and Raake, Alexander
Title of Book PIK – Praxis der Informationsverarbeitung und Kommunikation
Pages 255–263
Year 2014
ISSN 0930-5157
DOI 10.1515/pik-2014-0027
Address DE-Berlin
Volume 37
Number 4
Month oct
Abstract In this paper, we discuss how the concept of Quality of Experience (QoE) has evolved during the last two decades, resulting in a need for a common terminology, as well as the need for applying the identified concepts to new applications and services. Regarding the first issue, we review the development of definitions of quality and QoE, and summarize the latest status which resulted in the `Qualinet White Paper on Definitions of Quality of Experience', the history of which will be briefly reviewed, pointing out recent further developments. Regarding the second issue, we summarize methods and applications which have been collected in a recently edited book following the Qualinet White Paper, and which the present paper is largely based on.
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