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Reviewed Journal Papers

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Möller, S. and Berger, J. (2002). Describing Telephone Speech Codec Quality Degradations by Means of Impairment Factors. Journal of the Audio Engineering Society. Audio Engineering Society, 667–680.

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Möller, S. and Raake, A. (2002). Telephone Speech Quality Prediction: Towards Network Planning and Monitoring Models for Modern Network Scenarios. Speech Communication. Elsevier Science Publishers B. V., 47–75.

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Möller, S., Jekosch, U., Mersdorf, J. and Kraft, V. (2001). Auditory Assessment of Synthesized Speech in Application Scenarios: Two Case Studies. Speech Communication. Elsevier Science Publishers B. V., 229–246.

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Spors, S., Rabenstein, R. and Strobel, N. (2001). A Multi-Sensor Object Localization System. In Vision, Modelling and Visualization (VMV). infix, 19–26.

Strobel, N., Spors, S. and Rabenstein, R. (2001). Joint audio-video object localization and tracking. IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, 22–31.


Wang, G., Rabenstein, R., Strobel, N. and Spors, S. (2000). Object Localization by Joint Audio-Video Signal Processing. In Vision Modelling and Visualization, 97–104.


Gierlich, H.-W. and Perkins, M. (1999). Speech Communication: Speech Quality in Telecommunications. Journal Acoustic Society. AIP Publ. and ASA, 974.

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Möller, S. and Schönweiler, R. (1999). Analysis of Infant Cries for the Early Detection of Hearing Impairment. Speech Communication. Elsevier Science Publishers B. V., 175–193.

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Schönweiler, R., Kaese, S., Möller, S., Rinscheid, A. and Ptok, M. (1996). Neuronal Networks and Self-Organizing Maps: New Computer Techniques in the Acoustic Evaluation of the Infant Cry. Int. J. of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology. Elsevier, 1–11.

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