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Warnings and Instructions as Key Elements for Integrated User Support in IPS²
Zitatschlüssel schmuntzsch2013a
Autor Schmuntzsch, Ulrike and Sturm, Christine and Reichmuth, Ralf and Rötting, Matthias
Buchtitel The Philosopher's Stone for Sustainability
Seiten 477–482
Jahr 2013
ISBN 978-3-642-32846-6
DOI 10.1007/978-3-642-32847-3_80
Notiz 477-482
Herausgeber Shimomura, Yoshiki and Kimita, Koji
Verlag Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Zusammenfassung To keep up in times of global competition, an integrated user support is crucial for the safety and competitiveness in the field of Industrial Product-Service Systems (IPS2). This paper contains a review of the project work on warnings and instructions in IPS2 using the application scenario `spindle change' on a micro milling machine. Specifically, the invented warning prototype and the animated instruction video as well as the associated experiments and their results will be presented. The paper concludes with the recent project work on the integration of both types of user support and the provision of future prospects.
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