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Automated Usability Evaluation of Model-based Adaptive User Interfaces for Users with Special and Specific Needs by Simulating User Interaction
Zitatschlüssel quade2013a
Autor Quade, Michael and Lehmann, Grzegorz and Engelbrecht, Klaus-Peter and Roscher, Dirk and Albayrak, Sahin
Buchtitel User Modeling and Adaptation for Daily Routines
Seiten 219–247
Jahr 2013
ISBN 978-1-4471-4778-7
DOI 10.1007/978-1-4471-4778-7_9
Herausgeber Mart'in, Estefan'ia and Haya, Pablo A. and Carro, Rosa M.
Verlag Springer
Serie Human-Computer Interaction Series
Kapitel 10
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