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Expectation in Quality Assessment of Internet Telephony
Zitatschlüssel moeller1999d
Autor Möller, Sebastian and Riedel, Joachim
Buchtitel Joint Meeting Acoustic Society of America (ASA)/European Acoustics Association (EAA)/Deutsche Gesellschaft für Akustik (DEGA), (Forum Acusticum 1999), ACUSTICA - acta acustica 85 Suppl. 1
Seiten 49
Jahr 1999
Ort Berlin, Germany
Adresse Berlin, Germany
Monat mar
Zusammenfassung Telephony from Internet terminals is getting more and more popular. Thus it is interesting to know which level of quality one user expects from a connection established from a computer terminal in relation to a normal wirebound telephone. For mobile situations, it has been shown that the lower expectation results in more favorable quality judgments in comparison with wirebound systems when assessing physically equal connections. The user's expectation includes call motivation, attitude, experience, emotions, etc., and it will have an important influence on his/her perception of and judgment on quality. A conversation test has been carried out in order to investigate the quality impact due to Internet-typical impairments (absolute delay, low-bitrate codecs), both for users of a conventional wirebound telephone and an Internet terminal. In contrast to what can be observed for mobile phones, it turns out that the expectation level of potential users may result in a disadvantage effect, i.e., quality expectation is so high that Internet terminal connections are rated worse than conventional ones for physically equal connections. The situation is different for subjects who never operated a computer terminal before. Results are discussed regarding user groups and the consequences for the assessment of Internet terminal telephony.
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