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Scenarios for Economic Conversation Tests in Telephone Speech Quality Assessment
Zitatschlüssel wiegelmann1999a
Autor Wiegelmann, Stephan and Möller, Sebastian and Jekosch, Ute
Buchtitel Joint Meeting Acoustic Society of America (ASA)/European Acoustics Association (EAA)/Deutsche Gesellschaft für Akustik (DEGA), (Forum Acusticum 1999), ACUSTICA - acta acustica 85 Suppl. 1
Seiten 974–975
Jahr 1999
Ort Berlin, Germany
Adresse Melville, NY, United States
Jahrgang 105
Monat mar
Verlag ASA
Zusammenfassung In telephony, there is a permanent need for auditory testing of the effect of different types of impairment on speech communication quality. Though quality perception is different in listening-only and conversation situations, for economic (time and money) reasons, in most cases only listening-only tests are carried out to assess telephone speech quality. For some parameters, however, conversation tests are mandatory, as the parameter under investigation affects only the conversation situation (e.g., echo, delay). In order to overcome the limitations of conversation tests, new scenarios have been developed which allow the testing of around three times as many circuit conditions within one test session compared to conventional conversation test scenarios. The scenarios cover everyday situations of information exchange, and meet most of the basic requirements of quality assessment scenarios (naturalness, balance, comparability, clarity). The scenarios are available in three languages and have been successfully used by different telecommunication test laboratories. Comparison with listening-only test results shows that differences exist between the two types of quality judgments, which underlines the necessity for conversation tests in order to get more valid quality judgments. Modifications of the scenarios for mobile and Internet telephony situations are presented.
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