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Recent Advancements in Massive Multi-Channel Auralization
Zitatschlüssel ahrens2015c
Autor Ahrens, Jens and Wierstorf, Hagen
Buchtitel J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 138
Seiten 1815
Jahr 2015
ISSN 0001-4966
Workshop conference
Ort Jacksonville, FL
Adresse Melville, NY
Monat mar
Notiz electronic/online
Verlag Acoustical Society of America
Wie herausgegeben abstract
Zusammenfassung Massive multi-channel auralization approaches like Wave Field Synthesis and Higher Order Ambisonics experienced a pronounced hype in the late 2000s during which the primary research goal was maximizing the physical accuracy of the synthetic sound fields that they create. The hype eventually faded as the achievable advancements turned out to be limited due to fundamental restrictions. Though, activities are still being pursued in the domain with the focus shifted towards perception of synthetic sound fields. This talk gives an overview over current activities, which aim at understanding localization, timbre, and spatial impression in general. The results show that localization performance in synthetic sound fields is close to the performance in real sound fields. Timbre and spatial impression exhibit impairments that are directly linked to the physical limitations of the employed systems. Promising options for improvements regarding the synthesis of artificial reverberation are discussed.
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