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Using External Knowledge Bases and Coreference Resolution for Detecting Check-Worthy Statements
Zitatschlüssel mohtaj2019a
Autor Mohtaj, Salar and Himmelsbach, Tilo and Woloszyn, Vinicius and Möller, Sebastian
Buchtitel Working Notes of (CLEF) Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum, Lugano, Switzerland, September 9-12, 2019.
Seiten 1–8
Jahr 2019
Adresse RWTH Aachen, Ahornstr. 55, 52056 Aachen, Germany
Monat sep
Notiz online
Verlag CEUR-WS.org
Serie CEUR Workshop Proceedings
Wie herausgegeben Fullpaper
Zusammenfassung With the proliferation of online information sources, it hasbecome more and more difficult to judge the trustworthiness of a state-ment on the Web. Nevertheless, recent advances in natural languageprocessing allow us to analyze information more objectively according tocertain criteria - e.g. whether a proposition is factual or opinative, or eventhe authority or credibility of an author in a certain topic. In this paper,we formulated a ranking schema that can be employed in textual claimsfor speeding up the human fact-checking process. Our experiments haveshown that our proposed method statistically outperformed the base-line. Additionally, this work describes a multilingual data set of claimscollected from several fact-check websites, which was used to fine-tuningour model.
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