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An Open Source Implementation of ITU-T Recommendation P.808 with Validation
Zitatschlüssel naderi2020d
Autor Naderi, Babak and Cutler, Ross
Buchtitel Proc. Interspeech 2020
Seiten 2862–2866
Jahr 2020
DOI 10.21437/Interspeech.2020-2665
Adresse ISCA
Monat oct
Notiz electronic
Verlag ISCA
Serie Interspeech
Wie herausgegeben Fullpaper
Zusammenfassung The ITU-T Recommendation P.808 provides a crowdsourcing approach for conducting a subjective assessment of speech quality using the Absolute Category Rating (ACR) method. We provide an open-source implementation of the ITU-T Rec. P.808 that runs on the Amazon Mechanical Turk platform. We extended our implementation to include Degradation Category Ratings (DCR) and Comparison Category Ratings (CCR) test methods. We also significantly speed up the test process by integrating the participant qualification step into the main rating task compared to a two-stage qualification and rating solution. We provide program scripts for creating and executing the subjective test, and data cleansing and analyzing the answers to avoid operational errors. To validate the implementation, we compare the Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) collected through our implementation with MOS values from a standard laboratory experiment conducted based on the ITU-T Rec. P.800. We also evaluate the reproducibility of the result of the subjective speech quality assessment through crowdsourcing using our implementation. Finally, we quantify the impact of parts of the system designed to improve the reliability: environmental tests, gold and trapping questions, rating patterns, and a headset usage test.
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