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A framework to incorporate aspects of social perception in synthetic voices
Zitatschlüssel rallabandi2020a
Autor Rallabandi, Sai Sirisha
Buchtitel Proceedings of 6th Docotal Consortium, Student event of Interspeech 2020 (ISCA-SAC)
Seiten 1–3
Jahr 2020
Ort Virtual
Adresse ISCA
Monat nov
Notiz electronic, online
Verlag ISCA
Serie Interspeech
Wie herausgegeben Abstract
Zusammenfassung In my dissertation, I investigate the social speaker characteristics: warmth and competence. I refer to them as the global aspects of social perception and analyse them in synthetic speech. Specifically, I hypothesize two things: (a) there are certain vocal cues responsible for evoking these characteristics and (b) it is feasible to incorporate these characteristics in the present day speech generation mechanisms. To validate my hypotheses, I propose a two stage framework: In the first stage, I perform extensive subjective evaluations in the form of listening tests to identify which synthetic voices demonstrate characteristics of warmth and competence. I also perform analysis on the voices to identify the vocal cues corresponding to these characteristics. In the second stage of my dissertation, I propose to incorporate the identified vocal cues into the speech generation mechanism. Employing two target application scenarios - Customer Service and Health care, I propose to show that incorporating social speaker characteristics can not only improve user satisfaction but also user trust.
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