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Exploring attitudes of healthcare professionals towards ICT-based interventions for nursing home residents with dementia: a mixed-methods approach
Zitatschlüssel osullivan2018a
Autor O'Sullivan, Julie Lorraine and Gellert, Paul and Hesse, Britta and Jordan, Laura-Maria and Möller, Sebastian and Voigt-Antons, Jan-Niklas and Nordheim, Johanna
Seiten 13–25
Jahr 2018
ISSN 1037-6178
DOI 10.1080/10376178.2017.1421087
Adresse Oxford, UK
Journal Contemporary Nurse
Jahrgang 54
Nummer 1
Monat jan
Notiz Online
Verlag Routledge
Wie herausgegeben Full
Zusammenfassung {Background: Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) could be useful for delivering non-pharmacological therapies (NPTs) for dementia in nursing home settings. Aims: To identify technology-related expectations and inhibitions of healthcare professionals associated with the intention to use ICT-based NPTs. Design: Cross-sectional multi-method survey. Methods: N = 205 healthcare professionals completed a quantitative survey on usage and attitudes towards ICTs. Additionally
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