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Open Source Projects


The ACT-CV toolbox is intended to create an easy to use connection between arbitrary graphical user interfaces and a cognitive modeling framework.

http://act-cv.sourceforge.net [1]

Analytic Methods of Sound Field Synthesis - Matlab

Matlab scripts for all simulations that are contained in the book of the same title by Jens Ahrens.

http://www.soundfieldsynthesis.org/matlab/ [2]


A customizable alert to let users of an app make an informed choice on whether or not to opt in to receiving push notifications on iOS.

https://github.com/QULab/APNPermissionRequest [3]

Classical Audio Reverberation Tools

This project collects implementations of classical algorithms for the creation of artificial reverberation (FDN networks etc.).

https://dev.qu.tu-berlin.de/projects/reverb-tools/wiki [4]


An item self-checkout system, where the back end is running Node with Sequelize and the front end is implemented in Jade and makes heavy use of DataTables to display data.

https://github.com/QULab/itemRental [5]

P.TCA - Toolbox

This MATLAB Toolbox creates Speech Signal Impairments Following the P.TCA Schema.

https://github.com/QULab/ptca-matlab-toolbox [6]


A mobile app (Android and iOS) for scientific conferences.

http://qulab.github.io/Que/ [7]


A drop-in solution for presenting in-app questionnaires to users of an app.

Android: https://github.com/QULab/QULQuestionnaire-Android [8]
iOS: https://github.com/QULab/QULQuestionnaire-iOS [9]

SoundScape Renderer

The SoundScape Renderer (SSR) is a tool for real-time spatial audio reproduction providing a variety of rendering algorithms, e.g. Wave Field Synthesis, Higher-Order Ambisonics and binaural presentation.

http://spatialaudio.net/ssr/ [10]


SSRemoteVST is a plugin that allows for automating the movements of virtual sound sources in the SoundScape Renderer using a digital audio workstation.

https://github.com/SoundScapeRenderer/SSRemoteVST [11]


The world's first open source cloud gaming solution to stream mobile (Android) games.

https://github.com/streamagame/streamagame [12]


Synister is a software synthesizer for Windows and Mac. It runs as a standalone and as VST or AU plugin in digital audio workstations.

http://the-synister.github.io/ [13]


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