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Modelling User Psychology for Efficient Usability Evaluation
Citation key moeller2008d
Author Möller, Sebastian
Title of Book Proceedings of the 29th International Congress of Psychology (ICP 2008), Symposium "User Psychology and Interaction Design"
Year 2008
Location Berlin, Germany
Address Berlin, Germany
Month jul
Note abstract
Abstract In addition to its usefulness during system design and user testing, knowledge on user psychology might enable disruptively new evaluation techniques. For example, models which simulate user behaviour may be used for semi-automatic evaluation of interactive ICT services. In order to be successful, such models have to reflect the user psychology and take into account the perception processes, the user's aims and motivations, the previous experience, the user's mental model of the service, and other psychological factors. In this presentation, the need for such innovative approaches to evaluation is underlined, and the necessary steps for its implementation are outlined.
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