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Blended Prototyping


The research project ‘Blended Prototyping’ deals with new concepts for the prototyping of mobile apps.

It adapts concepts of the Paper-Based Prototyping approach into a new method, which allows the generation of digital user-interface prototypes on the basis of hand sketches. Prototypes generated in this fashion can be ran and tested directly on mobile devices.

Blended Prototyping uses a specific tabletop-computing setup as design environment, in which groups of designers and developers can collaboratively brainstorm, outline, and discuss prototype ideas. The definition of basic prototype behavior is done within the design tool. However, more complex behavior can be facilitated with the inclusion of additional native programming code (Android).

The project aims to provide new tools, which puts groups of designers and developers in a position where they can quickly and easily test prototypes, in earliest development stages already. At the same time, Blended Prototyping supports the integration of native programming code, which can be used in later development stages.

The research project is sponsored as a part of the research group ‘Rethinking Prototyping’ by the Einstein-Stiftung Berlin. Additionally, the subfield ‘sBlended Project’ is funded by the BMBF in the context of the Software-Campus.

project lead: Benjamin Bähr


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