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Methods and models for assessing and predicting the QoE linked to mobile gaming (QoE-NET/MSCA-ITN Network)

“Innovative Quality Of Experience maNagement in Emerging mulTimedia services” (QoE-NET) is the Initial Training Network (ITN) on Innovative Quality of Experience Management in Emerging Multimedia Services funded by the EU H2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions. This network focuses on the analysis, design, optimization and management of the QoE in advanced multimedia services, creating a fully-integrated and multi-disciplinary network of 12 ESRs working in and seconded by seven academic institutions, three private companies, and one standardization institute distributed in 6 European countries and South Korea. This Network will offer to a group of newly recruited Fellows in a cross-sectoral environment the opportunity to shape their long-term research view and get fundamental methodological tools in various research fields, namely: multimedia networking, signal processing, communications, business, psychology, and sociology.

The QoE-NET projects address the needs for models, methodologies, and tools for an effective management of the QoE along the whole chain of design, production, delivery and control of multimedia services. Particular attention will be devoted to three applications: mobile gaming, social TV, and web-services.

This project will focus on the development of models to predict the QoE using technical parameters of a cloud gaming system for mobile games. Since the QoE of mobile gaming is multidimensional, also quality-relevant perceptual dimensions will be addressed. In a series of subjective experiments the technical characteristics of the end-user device, transmission network, and remote server will be varied  under controlled conditions and their influence (on the the quality perception and judgment processes) will be investigate). The main goals of this project can be summarized as follows:

  • To define and perform subjective evaluation methods and models for assessing and predicting the quality of experience linked to (mobile) gaming with particular focus on the Quality of Experience of single-user games, which are executed over the network and in different contexts of use.
  • To develop assessment methods and execute them in controlled laboratory tests, analyze the impact of the network (e.g., in terms of delay, coding, error concealment) and context factors on the QoE experienced by users of such services in limited-scale field tests.
  • New recommendations on subjective assessment of gaming quality of experience the development
  • A new game specific test database on the single-user game quality of experience under various game- and network settings.
  • A model for single-user gaming quality of experience prediction applicable to service monitoring, and novel techniques for “quality of experience-based” gaming-service delivery.
  • To determine the QoE aspects related to the quality perception and judgment processes in mobile gaming.

For more details on this EU project, please follow the link below:


Time Frame: 
01/2016 - 12/2018
T-labs Team Members:
Saman Zadtootaghaj
Funding by:
Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (QoE-NET)
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